Every week we are teaching a wide variety of styles to our people. Here are a few to get you started - Pop, Rock, Classic Musical Theatre, Contemporary Musical Theatre, Folk, Country, Jazz Standards, etc. It’s like building your physique. When your body looks good, any clothes you put on it will look good too. Your Certified One Voice Coach will help you build a strong, healthy, efficient sound, and then guide you through how to shape it... or style it. This will enable you to sing any style you want. The question is, how big will your vocal wardrobe be?

Teaching vocal styles with a better fit. You.

Here is a normal weekly session.

5:55pm - Get your water, note pad, and join your coach online.

6:00pm - Your coach will message you to begin your private training session.

6:05pm - At this point you've updated your One Voice Coach on your progress and the two of you have  strategized on what you'll be focusing on for today’s session.

6:10pm - Now it's time to get to work. (When starting to sing the song you're working on, you'll simply play an instrumental track from your computer, phone, or separate speaker. If you're accompanying yourself, you'll play whichever instrument you'll be performing with.)

6:40pm - You’ve now completed the training with your coach. But before you say "I'll see ya next week", you two will recap and debrief the work you did to ensure you have a clear layout for your practice.

6:45pm - Smile and wave good-bye till next week.

With thousands of hours of training vocalists online, we’ve learned what it takes to make an online face to face experience productive, warm, and engaging.

Online training experts.

We have volumes to teach you.


Vocal Setting

Song Performance

Vocal Workflow

Evenness of Weight

Building Volume

Build your voice practice

Song preparation

Musical Theatre Book Building Philosophies

Performance tips

Tools and concepts for building the strong and weak parts of your voice

The sound of a Belt (heavy weight)

The Sound of a Mix (mid-weight)


Resonancial Awareness

Neutral Vocal Tract Airflow

Slouch Singing

Breath Management

Riffs and Runs

Default Vocal Tract Vowels

Weight Changes

Weight Slides

Coordinations Theory

Weight Theory

Performance Level Training

And a lot more.

Our private voice training philosophy at a glance.

   We want you to be self sufficient.

   We are your coach in and outside of session time.

   Training should be fun and rewarding.

   Strategy and building we do together - practice is what you do on your own.

   Discovery and guided learning.

   We’ll take notes and record your session for you.

Private training for singing has long been focused on finding a quick "trick" or what we call a "bandaid" to singers roadblock. For us, real change is the only thing that matters. If you can't make a vocal adjustment and keep it for the long haul, what was the point?

But making long-lasting change in your voice also requires that you are ready to change. It's not about "dipping" your toe in the pool of One Voice. If you really want to get where you want to go as a vocalist, you've got to change the way you've been doing things... if you can be honest, they're not working.

We're dedicated to your change... are you?

Dedication to real change.

We do things differently.


Maybe you're frustrated feeling like you're lagging behind in knowledge or skill. Or, you know that you've got WAY more to offer, but you just can't seem to figure it out. Private training with a Certified One Voice Coach is the fastest way to get out of your runt, and on track to reaching your vocal specific goals. Weekly sessions are just part of picture. It's all about your goals and how we achieve them. So wether its working in a session or sending your coach a quick audio snippet to make sure you're still on track, our aim to get you from where you are now, to where you want to go as efficiently as possible... and have some fun along the way. =)

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