I want to sing better.

I want to teach this.

"The vocabulary that you have developed has helped me drive forward and finally understand what other vocal teachers are trying to express."

"I have to thank you ... for literally helping me maintain between

7 to 9 shows a week."

"EVERY audition I've had [in the past] has literally been 'so you're just gonna pop up to this E over and over, oh and there's an F....' I used to be so scared by those notes, but now I see it and I'm like, I got this!"

"My voice actually feels less tired after the lesson than it did when we started. And there were some serious “A’s” belted."

"You have completely changed the way I think about singing and my voice from a technical vantage point, and I am extremely grateful. Thanks to your help, I was a finalist in the competition…"

"My audition went well! The faculty was impressed with my "healthy belt”!"

"The song is so much easier to sing and I can belt the high notes no problem!"

"Thanks for the great singing lesson...you've done more for my confidence than anything has in a VERY long time...Stevie Wonder's voice here I come…lol."

Wait... tell me more.