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I just wanted to tell you this! I was just sitting down watching American Idol, and during a commercial I randomly started singing Rollin' in the Deep. I wasn't really thinking about how I was singing, but I suddenly realized at the chorus I was belting! Woohoo! It was so much easier than it has been!

- Kaylee

So I just sang "So Much Better" for my mom and she said, "WOW, that sounds so much different than it did an hour ago...He's like...like.....the voice whisperer."

- Caroline

I was encouraged today at rehearsal, able to sing consistent E's and F's in harmonies without pushing. Do you have any idea (of course you do) what a life changing experience this is? The first time I could use my vocal work / practice in the real world...

- Rob

When I’m telling someone who doesn’t know what One Voice is, it makes me feel like I have an awesome secret. I smile inside and think to myself “You think that I’m just another voice teacher, teaching the same old stuff… you have no idea… yet”...

- Alex (Certified One Voice Master)

What joyous fun!! Oh Michael Maresca I feel like I can conquer the world. And to think of all the keys I won't have to change. I can't tell you how much I appreciate you standing by my side this entire time and figuring this out with me. We have won so hard.

- Phillip Cole

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What is One Voice?  

It's a vocal revolution built on

theories, techniques, and training.

One Voice is three parts - theories, techniques, and training. The theories we've developed show us that far more is possible with the human voice than previously thought. The techniques we've established achieve our intended results more effectively and in less time. Our training focuses on helping our clients achieve  self-sufficiency, as well as clarity on how to build and sustain a healthy voice through all the rigors of being a professional vocalist. We’ve re-examined how the human voice works, how to use it, and how to train it for long-term success.

This is One Voice. This is our vocal revolution.

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