This is amazing! I just had a major epiphany with my voice. This is amazing!

- High School Student (Musical Theatre)

What's it like?

     I don't think I've been this excited about singing since I was 10 haha. I've never felt like I had the ability to do all the things I've dreamt of doing vocally until that masterclass!

- Jess De Jong (performer)

Masterclasses run between 4 to 8hrs depending on what the needs of your school or studio are. Below is an example of the layout of a Masterclass.

10am - Welcome the class and establish goals

10:15am -  One Voice Theories

12pm - Break for lunch

1pm - Work sessions with a select number of attendees on application of theories and techniques in song. (Singing with a track or accompanist)

3:45pm - Recap discussion on all that was learned

4pm - Thank you and goodbye!

     It was one of the most incredible experiences because I've always had to strain to even come close to hitting notes like that.

- Jill Marlow (performer)

Work Sessions: singing for the class.

Think of what you might learn.

Work Sessions are excellent opportunities to really apply your new-found knowledge of the One Voice theories and techniques with the guidance of a One Voice Master. You will sing a cut of a song that is either 16 bars or under a minute, then you and the coach will work on the trouble area in front of the class. You will either accompany yourself with an instrument, play a track on the provided sound system, or have your sheet music played for you by a provided accompanist. Depending on the needs or desires of the hosting school or studio, we can arrange to have a One Voice Master work with all or a just a select few students.


Vocal Setting

Song Performance

Vocal Workflow

Evenness of Weight

Building Volume


Neutral Vocal Tract Airflow

Breath Management

Riffs and Runs

Default Vocal Tract Vowels

Coordinations Theory

Weight Theory

Resonance Points

Performance Level Training

Build your voice practice

Song preparation

Tools and concepts for building the strong and weak parts of your voice

Musical Theatre Book Building Philosophies

Performance tips

The sound of a Belt (heavy weight)

The Sound of a Mix (mid-weight)

And a lot more...

In every One Voice Masterclass, the One Voice Certified Master will deliver the most influential and foundational One Voice theories and techniques. Then during work sessions, the subject matter is broadened to deal with whatever the participant is learning during their work session. However, masterclasses can be tailored to the needs of the program, school, or private host.

Below is a list of some of the subjects a One Voice Master can teach in a masterclass:

Let's chat about bringing One Voice to you.

We understand that every situation is unique, and that it’s most beneficial to have a conversation about what your needs, wants, and dreams are for this event so that we can customize a personalized fit for you. Cost, accommodations, and travel will all be things we discuss so that we can take hosting a One Voice Masterclass from being an idea to a reality.

Regardless of your needs or budget, if you are interested in hosting a One Voice Masterclass, we are interested in speaking with you. Two heads (or more) are always better than one when it comes to brainstorming.

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