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Michael exclusively delivers in-person sessions at Texas State University for the Musical Theatre Program students.


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Head of Voice for the Musical Theatre Program at Texas State University, The Performing Arts Project, Nexus, Broadway Theatre Project 2011, and the Tennessee Arts Academy 2006.

Guest Speaker/Artist/Teacher

TEDx Texas State University, Susan Mascall Summer College Prep, Texas Musical Theatre Workshop, Texas State University, International Thespian Festival, Texas State Thespian Festival, Tennessee State Thespian Festival, Missouri Thespian Festival, Denver School of the Arts, Shoreline Community College in Seattle, San Diego Junior Theatre, University of Utah for both the Opera and Musical Theatre Program.

Shows performed at and where?

Broadway National Tour of “Mamma Mia!” (Canada/USA/Mexico)

National Tour of “Saturday Night Fever” (Canada/USA)

Las Vegas Production of “Saturday Night Fever”

Other fun things?

I know how to use a chainsaw, I’m pretty technologically nerdy, I like camping, and I just did my first “escape room” - it was awesome!

I wanna go sky diving.  


What you wish you knew vocally at 17?

I wish I had known One Voice. Yeah, I know what you're saying, "Of course YOU'D say that!" But in all seriousness... yes, that is what I wish I had known. The world of singing to me was magical, mystical, and full of people who had "talent" - which I didn't. This meant that if I didn't have the talent or wasn't born with it, that I would never be able to do what I wanted to with my voice. I was born a bass/baritone, and would forever be that... limited to the range and styles I was "born" with. Had I known the theories and techniques of One Voice, I wouldn’t have stressed too much about fighting my way through so many things that didn’t make sense to me. I would have seen that it was possible and that there was an actual path to accomplishing my vocal goals. The One Voice theories completely changed what I thought was possible with the human voice. They also showed me that it wasn’t about being “talented” or “special”, but instead about developing the coordinations in my voice that were weak.  =)

What has been your most memorable singing moment?

Perhaps the moment that is most ingrained in my head is when I was asked by a person I was working with after a session to sing something. He said, “You wanna sing something?" and I said, "I'm good, but thanks." Then he said, "Come on, anything?" I said, "Fine, but I’m pretty sure you don't know ‘New York State of Mind by Billy Joel." At this moment, I felt like he was asking me to prove what I could do to him. He wanted to know if the teacher he was working with could do the things he said he could. At his point in my singing career, I was pretty distant from my singing. I was working a day job and teaching at night - I was a zombie and had lost the joy of singing. "Well bummer, I wish I knew that song." He said. I chuckled and then started to walk out of the room when he began playing New York State of Mind on the piano from memory! Without any time to second guess myself, I just started singing a song that I had sung hundreds of times at auditions years prior. I sang my face off. We both had a good laugh, and I think he walked away feeling confident about what he was learning, and I walked away remembering why I started singing in the first place - because it was fun.

What should the world know about singing?

One Voice! Just kidding. ;)

I think the world needs to understand that singing is not an extremist sport. Unlike the Olympics where we try and push beyond our current human abilities, singing isn't really about pushing or stretching something further... it's about moving from one coordination to another and developing what's weak. This was one of the biggest "Ah ha" moments that I had when establishing the Coordinations Theory back in 2010-12.

What’s your favorite One Voice theory, concept, or technique?

My favorite theory is hard to pick, but I think I'll go with the Coordinations Theory. It's the very first theory I established and the catalyst for what we know know as One Voice. This theory paved the way for the other theories, as well as turned everything I understood about singing on it's head. Honestly, the reason it's my favorite, is because it answers SOOOOOO many questions. I have to stop or I'll start gushing.

Also, I like the Weight Theory, and my favorite concept/analogy is the “moving your arm as far back behind you as possible” concept that we teach in Masterclasses to help people better understand coordinations. Okay I'm done. He he.  


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