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What you wish you knew vocally at 17?

I wish I had known I wouldn’t be limited to the vocal range (and label) of a “mezzo-soprano” all my life. Funny enough, I didn’t always feel comfortable singing up there, even though I had access to those higher notes. If I had known expanding my range was a matter of play and exercise, it would have blown my teenage mind!!!

What has been your most memorable singing moment?

I was incredibly grateful beyond belief to get the chance to sing my original tunes for a New Years Eve special at Rocky Mountain Repertory Theatre in Colorado. Being the headliner of the night with a sold out house had potential for massive anxiety, but it was a house filled with theatre patrons I had grown to love as a second family, having worked there a handful of times. I didn’t need to prove anything and I was singing music I had birthed. With the pressure off and the energizing love in the room, I was unstoppable and felt like a folk country pop star! Even at 8,600 feet above sea level - woof!

What should the world know about singing?

Any one can sing. If you can speak, you can sing. We all have the same muscles; it’s just a matter of learning how to use them! WOO!

What’s your favorite One Voice theory, concept, or technique?

Our vocal mechanisms are more resilient than we think — I was relieved to learn the difference between damaging my vocal folds and “maxing out” with feelings of fatigue the next day. All muscles need rest after a work out before your next day of exercise, even the vocal folds. ;)

Is this considered a One Voice concept? I certainly think it helps demystify the voice: It’s just another set of muscles.

One Voice is simplification. That’s why I love it.

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Shows performed at and where?

Performing “Almost Heaven: Songs of John Denver” IN Colorado will change your life.

Gigs and locations played?

I’ve performed my OG tunes a few times at the Bitter End in Greenwich Village, NYC. Definitely a favorite: the village rocks, good people, an intimate room and woo, if those walls could talk…

Albums recorded?

Yes - an EP senior year of college, but currently producing an EP that will be out late 2019 that I’m pretty stoked about.

Other fun things?

I have access to super rumble coordination and can biphonate! WHAT!?!

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