There have been countless techniques and exercises developed over the centuries of voice training. One Voice brings new and innovative techniques for achieving vocal balance, health, and strength, while also reorganizing and positioning old tools or concepts into more efficient applications where they can really make a difference.

Utilizing the One Voice Theories, our new techniques are able to achieve faster, longer-lasting, results using simple, actionable concepts and tools.

Techniques: reorganizing the old, establishing the new.

Training that sings to a healthy tune of progress.

Goals: We start every session with a focus that ties back to the goals you set with your coach in the initial consultation. If you're not progressing, neither are we.

Connection: We see ourselves as your coach all the time, and not just during your weekly sessions. Whether you're working on a difficult part of a song during your voice practice, or prepping for an audition - your coach is just a message away.

Voice Practice: We've pioneered a system and structure for keeping your voice in shape between recording sets, gigs, and shows. Our aim is to help you build a healthy, fulfilling voice practice that keeps you in shape, and can even help you to build your voice back up after some time off.

A past pitched towards the future of singing.

What's Next?

We believe that we can uncover the future of singing by asking the right questions. Our hope is that we will continue discover answers and new ideas helping us to advance the world of singing. We think that working together, keeping open minds, and putting egos aside are the best way to keep asking the  questions that challenge what we know and what we've known. The most important thing we've accomplished is not how the human voice functions, or new techniques for making it work faster, but how we think.

The Coordinations Theory

A pattern discovered. Michael uncovers a pattern in the human voice that begins the One Voice voice revolution.

The Weight Theory

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Shaping vs Creating

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Resonintial Awareness

Concept of Neutral

Vocal Tract Airflow

One Voice

Vocal Workflow


Voice Practice

Begin Your Journey

Begin Your Journey

In 2010, Michael Maresca noticed a pattern in the human voice that ignited the revolution of One Voice. Based off this pattern, Michael developed the very first One Voice theory -  the Coordinations Theory. This theory offered us an entirely new way to diagnose, rehabilitate, and train a vocalist. It also showed us that far more was possible with the human voice, as well as answering age-old questions about the human voice like:

“Why breaks occur?”

“Why can that person sing higher than me?”

“Why is it bad for me to speak low and not someone else?”

Now with multiple One Voice theories, formal research underway, and Certified One Voice Coaches working with singers all across the world, we are learning that every singer is capable of far more than was once thought.

New theories, more answers, more possibilities.

Michael Maresca has worked with tens of thousands of singers across the globe changing how they understand the human voice and how to build it. As the creator of the One Voice theories, techniques, and training, he has certified multiple One Voice Coaches and Masters to teach private singing sessions and masterclasses internationally. Currently, Michael teaches in-person exclusively for the Texas State Musical Theatre Program, and he trains commercial singers worldwide online and in masterclasses outside of Texas State. He has served as faculty on The Performing Arts Project, Broadway Theatre Project, and the Tennessee Arts Academy. He has been a guest artist and taught numerous workshops for the International Thespian Festival, the Texas Thespian Educators Conference, as well as the Texas, Tennessee, and Missouri State Thespian Festivals. Michael appeared in the Broadway National Tour of Mamma Mia!, the National Tour of Saturday Night Fever, and was a speaker for the 2018 TEDx at Texas State University.

The Creator of One Voice