Victoria Hudson


  • Expanding Range

  • Vocal Setting - Breaking down a song and creating a roadmap of how to perform the song vocally

  • Building a Voice Practice - How to properly practice on your own and be a self-sufficient singer

  • Eliminating Unnecessary Body Tension

  • Effectively Creating Emotion and Performing Songs

Credential Highlights:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Performance at The University of North Texas

  • Berklee College of Music

  • Trained by Broadway Professionals in New York City

What is your One Voice Mission?

My One Voice Mission is to equip aspiring singers with the understanding of how to control their voice as an instrument and how to take the “mystery” out of singing. I help vocalists build confidence and consistency in their voice to achieve their singing dreams.

In my early years, all I wanted to do was perform, and my favorite area of course was…singing! I had a big voice, but there was one problem: I didn’t exactly understand what I was doing. I didn’t fully understand my instrument. I grew up singing in many musicals and people would ask me, “How do you sing like that?!” And I would think, “I don’t know, I just do it.” I would work tirelessly for hours in private trying to hit the high notes from all of the vocalists I admired, and strained at times to hit them. I felt so accomplished in the moments when I did hit the notes, but sometimes that’s all they were… just moments. I would be inconsistent in my ability to hit them,

which was extremely frustrating! So what did I do? I tried all kinds of “tricks” while I was singing such as bending over, squeezing my eyes shut, or tensing the muscles in my face or body so that in my mind I would be ensured to hit the notes I wanted. Phew! I’m tired just thinking about all that!

Taking the mystery out of singing is one reason I love the One Voice Method so much because with this method you truly understand what you are doing to hit the notes you are trying to reach. You actually know how to use your instrument! One Voice came into my life in 2018. I gained a new understanding of how the voice works, how to effectively practice, and how to become consistent in my singing. I saw dramatic changes in my voice! My ability not only changed, but my mindset changed about singing as well. Anxiety decreased, tension decreased, and worry decreased; It became so much easier! I was happily practicing with purpose and intent, rather than with an exhausting process of “forcing myself” to sing. One Voice gave me a language to understand what I was doing with my voice and how I could use it to become the singer I always dreamed of being. I felt a new sense of vocal freedom and singing success which is something that I want to share with my clients!

What do you expect from the singers you work with?

My clients and I will work as a team, in a collaborative effort to make their singing journey the best it can possibly be. This means my clients should be ready for the sessions, beginning them on time, and be ready to learn and grow! I also expect my clients to work on their own outside of sessions. A lot of our growth as singers comes from our own self sessions. It’s my job to educate my clients on how to work by themselves and be self-sufficient singers, so that they can put what is taught into action outside of sessions. It’s very important for my clients to dig into their goals and make their singing journey a priority in order to reach their ultimate success. Together we can make it happen! If you are ready to begin your singing journey, or take it to the next level, I would love to go on that journey with you!

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