Morgan Southard


  • Vocal Setting - helping singers solidify the dynamics of a song

  • Vocal Workflow - helping singers develop a regular vocal practice

  • Identifying and breaking down different styles and genres of sound so they are easier to replicate

Credential Highlights:

  • BFA in Theatre Performance, University of Evansville

  • MFA in Acting, Southern Methodist University

  • College Audition Coach since 2016

  • Has served as Music Director for upwards of 20 productions; favorite highlights include Urinetown, The Addams Family, and Sweeney Todd

  • Favorite past musical roles include Desiree in A Little Night Music and Fraulein Kost in Cabaret

What’s your One Voice Mission?
Put simply, my One Voice mission is to empower performers to use their gifts and vocal instruments at full capacity.

After almost ten years as a theatre director and college audition coach, I’ve encountered singer after singer who felt stuck in a vocal rut. These people often feel overwhelmed because they can’t hit certain notes in a specific style, or need to expand their vocal range. I’ve heard more times than I care to admit the disappointment of auditioning over and over again without being cast. What’s more, I’ve felt this way as a performer more than I care to admit.

All too often, performers have dreams of their voice reaching its fullest potential…but have no idea how to get there. If it were possible for them to identify and reach their goals, they’d be unstoppable—they’d hit that difficult note on pitch consistently, or land a spot at one of their dream musical theatre schools. They would enter whatever singing scenario they encountered with confidence and ease.

Over the years, I’ve noticed that struggling singers will have brief moments of fleeting achievement in lessons, rehearsals, and performances—but it is impossible for them to consistently sing in a physically healthy way. Many times these singers develop unnecessary tension or pain when trying to hit long, high notes. Sometimes these physical issues stem from something deeper emotionally. They could have been caused at some point by a family member or friend limiting their thoughts about their voice, or a teacher overloading them with unhelpful technique. This can cause the singer to feel defeated, and like they’ll “just never get it.” I’ve coached many singers like this who will often give up before they even have a chance to start. For many years I often felt at a loss with these students, unable to give them any guidance that would move them forward. Instead, I would fall back on the same tired, old lines that were fed to me as a performer, hoping for change, but knowing deep down that it was a fool’s errand.

Enter: One Voice!

What I’ve encountered with One Voice is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced in the performance world. It is concepts, theories, techniques, training, and culture all rolled into a comprehensive package that gives singers tools to simplify the process, so that anyone who desires to sing can do so effectively and consistently. Instead of crossing their fingers and hoping for the best, singers are finally empowered to approach challenges like a long phrase or a high note with confidence. They leave training feeling optimistic and empowered in their ability to overcome roadblocks in their journey.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could all audition for a musical, or sing in a band, or kill it at karaoke? What if you could sing without feeling afraid, and were optimistic about hitting higher, longer notes because you KNEW you had the right tools to get you there consistently? Wouldn’t it be great if we could all feel confident singing out to the world knowing that our voice was the fullest, richest version of itself? Wouldn’t it be great if we could all step into our highest vocal potential?

Good news! WE CAN. And One Voice is a fantastic place to start.

What do you expect from the singers you work with? 
I am drawn to coaching clients who have a passion for performing and learning, and I have high expectations for these clients to continually reach for their fullest potential. For me, this means a client comes into a session prepared, has a clear eye on their goals, and keeps an open mind and heart for trying new things. I expect clients to understand that they must work on their craft outside of lessons in order to create real change and spur growth. I get excited about clients who love to: 1) experiment with and discover new sounds, 2) create and evolve the unique voices of the characters they play, and 3) communicate story through song.

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