Michael Marchese


What you wish you knew vocally at 17?

woof. Everything? Anything? At 17 I was way in the dark about singing. I just sang and had no idea what I was doing. However, I definitely think knowing conceptually about singing anatomically would have helped my growth a lot. Simply knowing the difference between being tired and hoarse, or how sound creation and sound shaping are entirely separate concepts. I always loved exploring with my voice, but knowing more about the voice would have helped my exploration be more efficient. Also weight. Weight theory would have been amazing to know at 17! LOL!

What has been your most memorable singing moment?

In my own personal practice definitely when I learned about weight theory. Up until I learned weight theory with one voice I was just singing. I had no clear path of progression, and honestly didn’t think I was getting better at singing. The lesson I learned about weight was incredible, and completely changed my entire perspective about the voice.

From a performance perspective, hitting the B right below tenor high C with a strong mid weight when I performed professionally as Dennis in “All Shook Up”. Killing that note every performance when only a few years earlier I thought it was unobtainable was an amazing feeling.

What should the world know about singing?

Everyone and anyone that can make sound can sing. Singing is learned, and perhaps some learn faster than others. However, if you are willing to work for it and you have the right guidance and knowledge you can sing better than you ever imagined.

What’s your favorite One Voice theory, concept, or technique?

Maybe it’s recency bias, but Resonance Points theory was life changing. Ever since I started one voice I have felt progression, but I have always felt like their was another wall I wasn’t breaking through. Since learning Resonance Points theory for the first time I have felt like my voice and my vocal growth have no limitations..  


Shows performed at and where?

James and the Giant Peach at Zach Theatre (Grasshopper)

All Shook Up at TexArts (Dennis)

All the Way at TexArts (Principle)

Proud member of AEA

Other fun things?

I passed a certification test to become a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)! 

CISSP is a pretty big deal for Cyber Security professionals, and it’s globally recognized so that’s pretty cool I think. =)

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