Alex Zeto


  • Demystifying singing. Giving satisfying answers to the questions that most singers can’t get sufficient answers to. 
  • Range expansion.
  • Sustainable and efficient belting. 
  • Professional Legit sound. 
  • Building stamina and consistency. 
  • Understanding different styles. (Musical Theater, Legit, Pop, Jazz, etc…)
  • Acting a song. 

Credential Highlights:

BFA in Musical Theater from Texas State University 

One Voice Coach since 2014

Director and Choreographer for Legally Blonde the Musical Jr. in 2018

Favorite roles include Kate in The Wild Party, Yitzak in Hedwig and the Angry Inch, and Fantine in Les Miserables. 

What’s your One Voice Mission?:

My mission is to use the information I have to make singing make sense. It sounds simple, but almost every singer who comes to me is extremely confused about what’s “right” or why what they’re doing is working. And for good reason! The singing world is riddled with misinformation and approaches that just flat out don’t make sense. I was one of those confused singers for many years, and it’s a very frustrating place to be. 

One Voice has undone all that confusion, taught me how my voice really works, and given me the tools to build my skills in a way that is actionable and effective. It opened up my world of what I’m able to accomplish as a singer and storyteller, and it’s my joy to get to share that with other singers. Every time a new client says “How is everyone not teaching this?” I remember how special One Voice is. 

Me as a coach:

Warm, but firm! Sessions with my clients often end up feeling like two friends hanging out who just happen to be singing. Some of my closest friends started out as clients, and it brings me so much joy to get to know the beautiful people I get to work with. AND I’m going to hold you accountable. The only way I know to help you achieve your goals is to make sure you are showing up and doing the work, and I refuse to waste your money and time by tip-toeing around what needs to be said. I respect my clients deeply, and for me that means being honest with them. 

Most importantly, I understand how vulnerable singing can be, especially when working on a new skill, and I promise to never take that lightly. Failure is an inevitable part of building any new skill or habit. If you can’t nose-dive in your voice lessons, you’ll only have access to the skills you’ve always had access to. I pride myself on getting results, but more than anything I am a safe person to fail in front of. If we ever meet in a session, you’ll almost inevitably hear my motto at one time or another: All sounds are welcome! 

My Ideal Client:

You are someone who wants to understand your voice in a way that brings you consistency and autonomy in your singing practice. Perhaps you’ve been confused your whole life about why you can’t achieve the sounds you want. Maybe you thrive in a voice lesson, and then try singing by yourself and feel completely lost. Or maybe, you’re just looking for more consistency. Whatever your goals, you understand that I can’t do the work for you, I can only help lead you to tools and understanding. You feel ready to put in the work outside of our sessions to see the results!


“Alex is not only an incredible instructor with mastery of the craft, but a gem of a human. I took so much away from our lessons: vocal technique explained tangibly and consistently through One Voice terminology, skills in a wide variety of vocal styles, knowledge of the musical theatre industry, audition advice, and, most importantly, a healthy relationship with my voice facilitated by Alex’s passion, empathy, and support. Any singer would be lucky to have Alex on their team.” - Taylor 

“Alex is an absolute joy to work with! She has a laser sharp ability to pinpoint my issues as a singer, and guide me to my vocal goals. But more importantly, she really cares about the process. She has an authentic, vested interest in the growth of her students, and it's literally glowing from her the minute she opens the Zoom meeting. Can't recommend her enough.” - Danielle 

“Singing is one of the most intimate and vulnerable forms of expression. It fills the space just words cannot begin to achieve. Alex Zeto understands this. I have struggled with my voice in so many ways, from physical to mental issues, and Alex Zeto has provided me with the tools and knowledge needed to combat any trial that may come in between me and my vocal goals. As an artist, she has helped me gain the ownership over my work every performer needs, As a vocalist, she has provided the power of knowledge, grace, and expression to keep my voice healthy and versatile, and as a person, she has been an instrumental mentor to me in so many aspects of my life and artistic career. I came to her for help with college auditions and I am now attending my dream school, Carnegie Mellon University. But more than that, she is a teacher and friend I am forever in debt to and will be forever grateful for.” - JP

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